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Performance Anxiety Webinar

* Performance anxiety is a real challenge for competitors in all sports *

• Are you confident in your riding and training at home but feel like you’ve chosen the wrong sport at horse shows?

• Do you ride into the ring, and proceed to have every bit of advice your trainer just gave you leave your head?

• Do you keep a death grip on the reins, flub every transition, and leave the ring feeling like you wasted an entry fee?

If this sounds familiar,planonattending Tucson Dressage Club’s Zoom Webinar: “Taking Control of Your PerformancexAnxiety”, presented by Clare Morrison.  The Tucson Dressage Club (TDC), Dressage University is offering the webinar at no charge to all TDC members. Non-members may audit the program for $10.00. 


Upcoming Events


State Championships are fast approaching.   They will be held this year in Tucson at the Pima County Fairgrounds on November 20-21.

Qualified riders and horses may be found here:

Unsure if your horse was nominated? Here is the list:

Some horses have qualified with multiple riders.   Only one horse/rider combination will be eligible to show:

If you have questions concerning your eligibility , please contact Paula Madden at

Arizona State Championship Rules

Planning ahead for next year?   You may nominate your horse for 2022 starting this year at the ADA show, November 6-7 and at the TDC show in the regular show classes.

    Scores & Awards

    TDC puts on several USDF/USEF shows each year. We also host schooling shows and recognize schooling shows hosted by other approved organizations. TDC has a Year-End Awards Program for both USDF/USEF-recognized shows and for schooling shows.

    March Madness I & II Recognized Show Results (3-13 & 14,2021)

    Road Runner I Recognized Show Results (June 4-6, 2021)

    Road Runner II Recognized Show Results (July 9-11, 2021)

    Tucson Dressage Club 2020 Year End Awards 


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