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October Region 5 Update

I hope everyone has a successful Regional Championship competition if you’ve attended one of the nine Regional Championships this year!  I was so excited to have attended 3 different Regional Championships this year, including our own Region 5 Championships, but unfortunately Covid caught up with me and kept me home from Santa Fe this year.  Still, it’s always fantastic to watch the success of our competitors and the dedication to our sport.

The USDF convention is just around the corner and we are finally back in person!  Join us in Lexington, Kentucky, the home of USDF, the US Dressage Finals, the United States Equestrian Federation and many amazing thoroughbred farms. Be sure to check the convention schedule and attend the Region 5 meetings, along with the Board of Governors and learn more about how your USDF works.  The information and schedule will be posted at Our first regional meeting will be virtual and will be held in November.  We’ll touch on a few points we covered at our July regional meeting and talk a bit about the convention agenda as well.  For more Region 5 news

Debbie McDonald is coming to Tucson for a TDC clinic!

Save the dates of May 19-21, 2023

More information to follow.


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GMO Volunteer Incentive Program

Members of the GMO now are able to participate in a new award program sponsored by the USDF.  GMO members log their hours on a form (link to more information and form below) and that is then validated by a GMO officer.  Once a milestone has been achieved, the member submits the GMO Volunteer Incentive Program tracking sheet to USDF. 


Tucson Dressage Club Eligibility and Requirements for Year End Awards - Recognized and Schooling Shows

Volunteerism and/or service to the club is required to be eligible for schooling show and recognized show year end awards.  

Please note that for TDC Recognized Show Year End Awards:

Eligible Events are Hosted by Arizona GMOs: Tucson Dressage Club and Arizona Dressage Association

·         TDC Recognized Shows

·         ADA Recognized Shows

·         TDC or ADA Recognized Open Show in conjunction with a State or Regional Championship

To learn about opportunities for volunteering and/or serving the club, please read the 

TDC Awards Eligibility and Requirements 

Volunteer Hours Tracking Sheet

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